Cosmetic Dentistry

Nothing makes a better first impression than a beautiful smile. If you are unhappy with the way yours looks, you probably already know that this can negatively impact almost every aspect of your life. At Edina 5-0 Dental, Dr. Drew Spencer uses the artistry and science of cosmetic dentistry to create smiles our patients love.

Talk to Dr. Spencer about your concerns about your smile, and he can advise you on a specific treatment plan. With today’s cosmetic dentistry procedures, there is no reason your smile cannot be both functional and attractive.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening has gained in popularity in recent years. The main reasons for this are because it is so affordable and the results are immediate. Dr. Spencer uses the Zoom Whitening System to take stains off your teeth, making them bright again.

We offer both in-office professional whitening as well as an at-home system. Both will make your teeth several shades whiter, although the at-home system will elicit results after several treatments rather than just one.

If you are due for a teeth cleaning, Dr. Spencer will advise you to have that done before you undergo whitening.

Porcelain Veneers

If you want to dramatically improve your smile, porcelain veneers might be a great option. Veneers are wafer-thin translucent shells that cover your natural teeth permanently. They can be made in your preferred color, shape, and length, depending on your smile goals. Often referred to as “instant orthodontics,” veneers can even make crooked teeth appear straight and even in some cases.

Restoration Replacement

Do you still have amalgam fillings that make your teeth look gray? Do your older crowns have an unattractive gray ring at the bottom? With the latest advances in dentistry, we can replace those restorations with more natural-looking materials so they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

Tooth-colored fillings and metal-free crowns mean you can smile and laugh without feeling self-conscious.

CEREC Dental Crowns

CEREC is an acronym that means chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramics. It also means that patients can now have a custom-made dental crown in just one day!

With CEREC technology, Dr. Spencer will take a digital scan of your teeth—without the goopy molds you might remember from the past. This scan creates a 3-D model. Using the CEREC software, a crown is created that will perfectly fit your damaged tooth structure. The crown is fabricated while you wait.

When your new crown is ready, it will be bonded over the tooth structure—and you will be on your way, no return appointment needed.

Dental Bonding

If you have had any fillings done with tooth-colored composite resin, you have already experienced a type of bonding. This same resin can also be used to fix esthetic flaws with your smile, such as chips or gaps. Bonding blends well with your own teeth, giving your smile a natural-looking boost.

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You don’t have to live with a smile you don’t love. Call us and make an appointment to talk to Dr. Spencer about how you can improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry.